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Summer Mesh Sunshade 5-piece Car Sunshade

Summer Mesh Sunshade 5-piece Car Sunshade

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This sand shade for car glass is suitable for all models and can help your car isolate the sun; the installation is very quick, as long as you gently pull the tab to buckle on the suction cup when parking, it takes two seconds. a cool summer! It does not hurt the car body, it is beautiful and practical, and the price is cheap. It is an indispensable product for you to drive out in the summer!


1. Shade, snow, frost, fallen leaves, bird droppings, etc.
2. Applicable to both front and rear windows of automobiles. ※ It can reflect sunlight rays. ※ It can effectively reduce the temperature inside the car. Equipped with two suction cups, which are attached to the car glass, which is easy to use and take off. The front and rear glass are common.

Product information:
Material: nylon mesh
Installation method: Suction cup type
Applicable models: GM

Packing list:
Rear block *1; front window side block *2; rear window side block *2; 12 suction cups


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