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Car Guide Ball Balancer

Car Guide Ball Balancer

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Product information:

Installation method: self-adhesive fixation. It can be pasted and placed anywhere inside the car for easy observation. Place the car on a level road and manually adjust it to the level.
Product manual:
1. The vehicle level is a product that measures the inclination and elevation of the car and the change of the left and right rotation angle of the car body. Monitor body angle changes at any time, using free rotation, its sensitivity is high, providing data such as slope and inclination, so that you can better understand the road conditions and increase driving safety.
2. The product adopts streamlined design, beautiful appearance, compact, light weight, and the base comes with self-adhesive for easy installation.
3. The workmanship and design are first-class, and it is the best equipment for your driving journey
The main function:
1. It can accurately display the accuracy of downhill and uphill. Both up and down slopes are provided with gradient scale prompts, and if the up and down exceeds 40 degrees, it is a warning gradient.
2. Be able to locate the slope angle on the left or right side in detail. Driving on the left or right side should not exceed 40 degrees, otherwise it will be dangerous, and the balancer will give you an accurate identification.
3. The adjustable bracket can be installed in any position, as long as it is balanced

Packing list:

Balancer x1

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