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Car Rear Bumper Protector Pad

Car Rear Bumper Protector Pad

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Decoration for car appearances, make your car special and unique;
It will cover existing scratches and protect your car from wear and tear, scratches and scratches, etc.
Durable and Durable in any weather situation;

Clean the surface of the installation position to make sure it is clean and free of oil, grease and wax, etc.
Carefully place the item in the exact position; glue the filling, press it to ensure good adhesion.
Please do not wash your car within 24 hours, so it may be the best bonding strength.
Please heat the adhesive tape under the item to increase adhesion if you have a hot hair dryer (the bands affected by the weather temperature).

Material: rubber
Black color
Product size: length x width - 104 x 9 cm (for SUV) / 90 x 8 cm (for car)
Application: suitable for all cars, suv, trucks

The package includes:
1 car trunk sill protector
1 x double-sided tape
1x adhesion promoter


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Customer Reviews

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Ahmad Samim
Very high quality and highly recomand it

Super surprised as so many people had bad experiences with these things. I took the car for a wash, when it was dry I made sure to wipe the area with a microfiber cloth and then just slapped it on. I made sure to press on it for a short bit after. It’s been on for weeks now and our dog uses it as grip to get in and out of the back of our car all the time and it’s never peeled. It’s been in hot sun, rain, snow, everything and still going strong.

Just wash and dry where you plan on putting it.