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LED car tail light

LED car tail light

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Product Name: LED pickup light strip European and American pickup special LED steering brake dual color light bar LED car tail light
Led quantity and type: 108pcs smd2835 LEDs (72 lamps per meter)
Working voltage: 12V
Irradiation angle: 180 degrees wide angle irradiation
Color: white red
Power: 6W
Length: 1.5m (1m 1.2m, 0.9m can be done)
Applicable to: American pickup truck
Suitable for broadcasting station: original vehicle connector, no need to modify the circuit.
Product features: triple mode, brake, steering, daily travel
。 Constant LED driver has overload protection, short circuit protection and over temperature protection.
Specification: 1. 155cm in length, 14mm in width and 6.5mm in thickness
2. 120cm in length, 14mm in width and 6.5mm in thickness
3. 90cm in length, 14mm in width and 6.5mm in thickness
1. Red line positive pole of day light
2. Green line left turn signal lamp positive pole
3. Yellow line right turn signal lamp positive pole
4. The white line is always on, and the positive pole of brake signal lamp is on
5. Gray wire negative
Light bar mode: 5 + 1 daytime running light, 5 + 2 left turn signal light, 5 + 3 right turn signal light, 5 + 4 normally on brake signal light, 5 + 2 + 3 brake signal light

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