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Car Tire Repair Tool Box

Car Tire Repair Tool Box

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Product information:

Material: Plastic + Metal

Product description:

1. This machine is suitable for all 12V car tires, especially 4x4, medium passenger cars, 2 ton trucks, high-end cars and other larger tires, with large volume and fast inflation.

2. It is also suitable for motorcycles, bicycles, balls, rubber boats, beach floating beds, inflatable toys, etc.

3. On the highway, when working in nature or in the morning, the tire suddenly leaks or the tire is injected, which can play a first aid role.

4. Car tires maintain the correct tire pressure to ensure safe driving, save gasoline, and carry it with the car, just in case, use it endlessly.

5. Equipped with a full set of inflation nozzles, which can be used for tires, rubber boats, air cushions, inflatable toys, inflatable balls and other purposes.

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