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Glass anti-fog

Glass anti-fog

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Product Information:

Type:Car Windshield Anti-Fog Spray
Component:Nano hydrophilic active substance
1.[Effective Anti Fog Spray]: Prevents the fog layer and water vapor layer from appearing on the glass surface, keeps the glass translucent.
2.[Wide Application]: Can be used for outdoor windshield, car glasses, car rearview mirror, goggles, etc.
3.[Safe Material]: The anti-fog spray is formulated with surfactant and deionized water, which is safe and non-toxic.
4.[Long-lasting Anti Fog]: After normal use, it can effectively prevent fog for about one month, and one bottle can be used for two years. (The specific maintenance time is derectly related to the environment in which the car is located.)
5.[Easy to Use]: Clean the glass surface, and then spray on the inner glass of the car, gently wipe with a dry towel or tissue paper to leave a thin layer of aerosol on the glass. Be careful not to wipe it hard so as not to affect the effect.

Package List :

1 * Car Windshield Anti-Fog Spray

QL0188(1) QL0188(2) QL0188(5) QL0188(3) QL0188(4) QL0188   

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